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INFORMATION/ business hours
Shopping  11:00-21:00 
※We remove some stores
Garden  10:00-24:00 
Basement parking area  7:00-23:30 
Three-dimensional parking lot  9:00 ... 0:30 
ACCESSFrom foreign country to coming customer
Floor map
Floor Map
Floor Map
Floor Map
Floor Map

※Published floor map is thing as of April, 2020. Please note that you may be different from fact.
As for the list of latest duty-free shops, please see this.

Tax exemption service receptionist is this

Access by train
1.Nankai Railway Corporation
"Namba Station" Central Exit, the south exit direct connection
2.Subway Midosuji Line
It is about 7 minutes on foot from "Namba Station" south wicket
3.Subway Sennichimae Line
It is about 8 minutes on foot from "Namba Station" wicket
4.Subway Yotsubashi Line
It is about 9 minutes on foot from "Namba Station" south wicket
5.Hanshin Namba Line
It is about 9 minutes on foot from "Osaka-Namba Station" east wicket
6.Kinrtetsu Nanba Line (Nara Line)
It is about 9 minutes on foot from "Osaka-Namba Station" east wicket
7.JR Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji Line)
It is about 11 minutes on foot from the "JR-Namba Station" (OCAT) north exit
※We transfer from JR Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji Line) and JR Osaka Loop Line to Nankai train at "Shin-Imamiya Station", and the use of Nankai "Namba Station" is convenient


how to enjoy osaka

Access from around Osaka

●From Kansai International Airport
 Limited express Rapi:t arrives from Namba Station to Kansai-Airport Station in a minimum period of about 34 minutes

・Nankai Railway Corporation: Kansai-Airport Station → Namba Station Central Exit south exit connection limited express Rapi:t about 34-39 share

・JR Kansai Airport Line: Kansai-Airport Station (limited express spring) → Tennoji about 30 minutes → Transfer JR Yamatoji Line → JR-Namba Station about 6-7 share

・Airport bus: Kansai International Airport → OCAT/JR Namba about 50 minutes

●From Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)

・Airport bus: Osaka Airport → OCAT/JR Nanba line Namba getting off about 30 minutes

・Osaka Monorail: Osaka-Airport Station → Hotarugaike Station about three minutes
 Hankyu Corporation transfer: Hotarugaike Station → Umeda Station about 15 minutes → Subway Midosuji Line Namba Station about eight minutes

●From Shin-Osaka Station

・Subway Midosuji Line: Shin-Osaka Station → Namba Station about 15 minutes

We display standard time (in the daytime) in the time required. We do not include at transfer, wait time.


Information for tax exemption procedure

250 stores or more in \ Namba parks, Namba CITY are/for tax exemption correspondence

TAX-Free Counter Newly OPEN
(947KB, PDF file)

On the day tax exemption procedure method of product which had you purchase is two ways.

1. When we are freed from taxation in store
●Amount of money condition
General article tax exemption purchased amount at single store 5,000 yen according to consumption tax or more (as for the expendable supplies 5,000-500,000 yen according to consumption tax)
●Return method
At the time of purchase, please show Passport at cash register.

2.When we are returned at tax exemption counter
※In our restaurant, we will have 2.1% of product price targeted for tax exemption as tax exemption fee. We would appreciate your understanding beforehand.

●Procedure place
Tax exemption counter (business hours: 11:00-21:15) on the seventh floor
Tax exemption counter is closed ... for the time being on Monday, June 1. During period, please use Namba CITY Main Building B2F counter. For more information:

●Product which is targeted for tax exemption
General article: Clock, bag, clothing, shoes, household appliances, craft, jewelry
Expendable supplies: Cases of cosmetics, food, drink, alcoholic beverage, supplement, general article and product of expendable supplies set
※He/she purchased for the purpose of personal use (commercial purpose excludes)
※By this returning home, we are taken by Japan (general article is within six months from entry into Japan as for the expendable supplies from the day of the purchase less than 30 days)

●Application eligible people
Buyer (agent impossibility) and person (※ non-resident) who does not live in Japan
※With non-resident
・Foreigner within stay six months when we do not emigrate to Japan (on date of reentrance for impropriety)
・In Japanese who were going to stay in foreign country more than two years, and left the country and that we go back at one time, and the duration of stay is within for six months

●Application period
Purchase limit (during tax exemption procedure counter business hours) on that day
※Tax exemption procedure after the next day when we purchased is impossible

●Amount of money condition
General article: 5,000 yen according to consumption tax or more
Expendable supplies: 5,000 yen - 500,000 yen according to consumption tax
※In the case of case only for expendable supplies or general article and expendable supplies adding up, carrying out becomes condition to Japanese foreign territory within 30th.

●We have you show
1.Person Passport or crew landing card
  ※Being impossible of copying (seal stamp), and there being
  ※Japanese peregrine needs "the overseas residence visa" or "ID card"
  ※On the day thing which he/she purchased is best
  ※Handwriting, automatic issuance receipt are impossible
  ※Receipt adding up of product which he/she purchased other than the day is impossible
4.Credit card
  ※It is only on the condition that we used credit card at the time of the purchase
  ※Credit card and agreement of name of Passport are necessary
  ※Of corporation card is unavailable

●Return method
It returns the consumption amount of a tax of the target product price.
■In the case of return by cash
・It returns cash (Japanese Yen) which deducted 2.1% of tax exemption procedures charges at tax exemption procedure counter.
■In the case of return with credit card
・It will return refund which deducted 2.1% of tax exemption procedures charges later.
・It takes one week at the earliest until money of return returns to credit card of applicant.
・Exchange fee is applied to the amount of refund.
■In the case of return by the smartphone settlement
・It returns refund which deducted 2.1% of tax exemption procedures charges after the tax exemption procedure completion at counter immediately.
・Exchange fee is applied to the amount of refund.

General article: None Specified
Expendable supplies: We wrap with bag for tax exemption (impossible of opening until the departure in Japan)
※In the case of adding up of general article and expendable supplies, packing is necessary including general article.
※When we make consumption (use) in Japan, it becomes taxable.

・We need time for procedure. Please go through the procedure with margin at time.
・We cannot accept return of goods after tax exemption procedure.

Foreign currency exchange serviceForeign currency exchange service

We can change Japanese Yen into the following foreign currency. (11:00-23:00)
※From Japanese Yen to foreign currency cannot exchange money.

Currency name The US dollar The euro UK pound
Australian dollar Yuan of China Hong Kong dollar
Korean Wong New Taiwan dollar Singapore
Bhat of Thailand Rupiah of Indonesia Ringgit of Malaysia
Available credit card
Available credit card

The electronic money smartphone settlement is available

The electronic money smartphone settlement is available.

As of July 1, 2020

It is available at store with mark of these electronic money.
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About product price publishing on our homepage, notation without tax-included tax at store may be different by store. For more details, please refer to each store.
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