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INFORMATION/ business hours
Shopping  From 11:00 to 21:00 
※We remove some stores
From 11:00 to 23:00 
Garden  From 10:00 to 24:00 
Basement parking area  From 7:00 to 23:30 
Three-dimensional parking lot  9:00 ... 0:30, the following day 
We do business this month without taking a rest.
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[we recommend to woman! Do you not learn] iaido?


To man of course to women

It is pickup of iaido course that you can participate in!


Regardless of sex and generation, nationality for freedom

It is merit of accomplishments to be able to participate.


In not being able to get time to spend significantly busily in daily life

We unify mind by one, iaido that save stress, and are crowded!

You learn knowledge of the martial arts, and do you not relieve stress of daily life? 

Apply for experience by all means.


[- quick draw of the sword ...] 


In addition, it deals with a large number of courses not only this in our culture center.
Please feel free to contact from telephone, the Internet including course contents.


 Inquiry from this

JEUGIA Culture Center Namba parks 06-6647-2207 


We see shop information

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Price publishing on our homepage becomes indication of price including consumption tax (8% of body price).
We may transcribe in the price exclusive of tax at store. For more details, please refer to each store.
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