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We do business this month without taking a rest.
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[2DAY] You acquire right knowledge, and do you not become honey doctor?

"Honey" that it has been told health to be good for beauty over many divergences from old days

In late years the effect attracts attention without changing,

Through one year, health food using honey sees beauty goods in something.


By the way,

Do you understand difference between pure honey and honey which is not so?

In the first place what will nutrient included in honey be in?


Even if there is any tonaku intellect that we have effect for health, beauty,

How should we consume how whether it is good?

Honey which we do not often know.

You learn, and do you not take in honey for daily life more deeply?


Contents which can originally learn only in attending school course

Advantageous opportunity to be able to learn slowly and carefully in our culture center for two days.


◆ Person who thinks that we spread how to use honey and want to work on the spread of honey.

◆Which wants to know various how to use in one made apiculture and to think of when we want to begin apiculture in future.

◆One to think of to plan seminar and event of honey with individual working on global environment maintenance or company state.

◆When is done medical care-related work; one where has interest closely.

◆Person who is beauty-related, and uses honey or to think of when we want to use from now on


It is guide to honey doctor.   


Opportunity to learn is so many men, so many minds.

We are good though there is purpose and learns,

Learn, and find something that want to make use of;, too and.


 At first by all means application!


[special course] Honey Meister qualification authorization course [2DAY]

Schedule: All 9/23 Saturday, Sunday, September 24 twice

Time: Each from 11:30 to 18:30 

Tuition 34,560 yen (tax-included)

Teaching materials costs: 24,840 yen (tax-included)

Authorization charges (separately): 10,800 yen (tax-included)

※The application deadline: One week ago

☆  Application is this ☆ 

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