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Non-alcoholic cocktail fair by Liquor Park L&G



It is the fifth-floor Liquor Park L&G!


Non-alcoholic cocktail "sargasso Teru" fair now being held!


Our restaurant is not shop only for liquor!


You seem to be able to enjoy in that liquor cannot swallow up,


We introduce a lot of non-alcoholic drinks this time♪




Drink of adult using naturally derived raw materials

FENTIMANS ☆(fentimansu)


fentimansu tastes high quality, beauty of bottle design


Globally quite popular drink series.


Only as for the thing naturally derived as for the raw materials.


In botanikaru brewing which we cultivated during 100 years or more histories,


We realized high quality and superior taste.


As it is taste that is profound with slight carbonic acid without being too sweet,


For cocktail base, it is recommended even if we just drink.


In our restaurant



・Ginger beer

・Elder flower

・Rose lemonade

・Mandarin & Sibyl orange Jigger


275 ml of for each 370 yen (tax-excluded)


We offer five kinds of this!


It is recommended to gift♡







Non-alcoholic wine which gets high evaluation in wine kingdom France

PIERRE ZERO ☆(Pierre zero)


"Obtain non-alcohol this" is sure to get to thing surprised at unintentionally!


It is non-alcoholic wine of the orthodox school using grape of south France.


Saying "is totally like wine"; evaluation sareruhodono


We can enjoy rich fruit taste, flavor, acid with non-alcohol.


It is wonderful taste as it was behaved at dinner of the Nobel Prize award ceremony.


・Pierre zero buran de buran 200 ml 550 yen (tax-excluded)

                  750 ml of 1,200 yen (tax-excluded)

・Pierre zero Chardonnay 750 ml 1,200 yen (tax-excluded)







If we break, and materials are delicious, cocktail becomes more delicious!

FEVER TREE ☆(fever tree)


Naturalism drink of FEVER TREE from London wins extreme popularity all over the world.


We do not use additives such as artificial sweetener, fragrance at all,


Other drinks can taste few natural sweetness, bittersweetness.


"We break, and materials must be things of good quality to take cocktail deliciously!"


The cause of thought called this, drink of FEVER TREE seemed to be born.


Taste to understand if we drink! Please try♪


In our restaurant


・Ginger ale

・Tonic water


We offer two kinds of this!


200 ml of for each 235 yen (tax-excluded)







If make real cocktail; required item!

MONIN ☆(monan)


If there are any MONIN, cocktail to make in house becomes more authentic!


We are supported from bartender and barista,


Global non-alcoholic syrup brand "MONIN."


If we enjoy "higher-grade cocktail" in house,


This MONIN is required item!


In our restaurant


・Green apple



・Glenat den




・White peach


We offer this!


250 ml of for each 680 yen (tax-excluded)







As product of publication has a limit to number for shop news, approve on out of stock.







Liquor Park L&G offers various gifts and lapping!


Please order to the staff casually!


In reward to oneself who did the best to that important person, is wonderful; give, and be a success






*. **. *It is * ** ** ** ** ** ***.


Liquor Park L&G is liquor shop for adult with style. We selected liquor which wanted you to drink to you who wanted to enjoy liquor most in the world. When we want to be relaxed when it is fun when we are glad, we can feel happy when there is liquor a little bit at any time. And please leave selection of gift to give favorite person. Wonderful time with liquor with Liquor Park L&G!


Liquor Park L&G Namba parks shop

Add: 2-10-70, Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Namba parks 5F

tel: 06-6631-5554

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/landgnamba/?hl=ja

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liquorparkLandG/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/landgnamba




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