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Interior & miscellaneous goods
<Iori, Imabari towel> new product! Tricolore bus dress

It is the fifth floor, Iori.

We support the bath up of busy momGood (upswing arrow)Good (upswing arrow)

For Tricolore series that is quite popular with babies' product
Item for moms joinedTo a bright shine (new)To a bright shine (new)


When we take a bath with child

Does it not become deferment by oneself?

When we run after child to move about and invest in towel one hand,

It works too much, and bath towel leaves stomach rito…Mosquito! How as for the thing.

It is this bus dress to be useful in such a case.

If it is fogged for bath rise with supo,

Without feeling a chill after a bath; of child can take care.

Woman having rather high 82cm in length and height is reliable size.
(the staff of 169cm tall wore, and half of the knees hid)

It is one size, but rubber which we arranged for shirring department holds chest well and can regulate chest measurement with ribbon.


Bath rise,

We often do it with hair dry for care of skin all the time.
It is recommended to person gone to sports gym and hot spring.

Let alone home business,

One where it is you are looking for saying it is with "thing which mom can use" as celebration of a birth,

It is good to present to friend liking bath.


Tricolore bus dress

▶︎ size, price:
One size (length 82 X hem circumference 128cm)
7,560 yen ※Tax-included price
▶︎ KOLOR: One color (unbleached)
▶︎ 100% cotton (normal thread)


== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It is ・・. to for homes and present

We want you to use comfortable towel every day simply because it is thing to use.

We help so that towel which is good to all of you is found.

Of free lapping, gift BOX is offering.

As you heard embroidery, ask casually.


Iori Namba parks shop

556-0011 2-10-70, Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Namba parks 5F

tel. 06-6556-9081 HP https://www.i-ori.jp

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