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[TRANSIT UOMO] Summer knit
Brand to introduce today is [TRANSIT UOMO/ toranjittouomo].
As it is too unfamiliar brand, we easily explain brand.

Brand of high casual founded in Italy in 1986.

Feelings from founding those days include "discerning surface treatment that they skipped".

We finish dyeing good-quality material which kept on choosing by high dyeing technology that we spent labor and time on and are smart

We are good at that we give unique texture.

We add men's lineup by the name of "TRANSIT UOMO" from 2001,

We made position called wardrobe on holiday loved now by celebrities of the world positive.



It is knit introduction from this brand in spring.
brand: [TRANSIT UOMO/ toranjittouomo]
model: No. 7818110
size: S
It is white color
price: \ 95,000+tax
It is atmosphere that is good at length of middle length.
 In performing combination of sheep leather in gentle expression peculiar to knit cardigan
Overall atmosphere is tightened and is considerably cool.

 Feeling usable very much.
Besides, we offer spring clothing.
Please come to RAWLIFE for consultation if in trouble to this seasonal thing to wear.

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