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Cosmetic & relaxation
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Suggestion that we adopt herb and aromatherapy under the theme of "nature, health, pleasure" in daily life, and the richness of heart adds color to.
You have herb, essential oil selected carefully by all the countries of the world and can utilize from beginner to professional use widely.
In addition, we establish her bal life college and offer place where pleasure that "tells" people pleasure "learning", knowledge, experience to have of oneself is felt. Of "knowledge" "person" "thing" fall, and maintain go io, and learn culture in true meaning, and do not make use in lifestyle?
Herb aromatherapy

Guidance of "aromatherapy travelogue seminar of Kaoru Sasaki"

Charm of mint that this theme is loved in the Mint & sum peppermint world. Mint and peppermint, secret of the refreshment to feel good at are menthol ingredients. Our living cannot miss menthol as luxury goods as fragrance as pharmaceutical products. There are the times when product in Japan has ever accounted for 70% of the menthol global market, and which still protects peppermint production that is raw materials ceaselessly are. We introduce fir tree essential oil which the world and special feature of mint which has been loved in all parts of the world introduced. It is pleasant seminar with training.

The date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Time: (1)13:00-14:30
Place: Tree of life Namba parks Herbal Life College Osaka school
Tuition: 3,850 yen (we include the tax-included teaching materials costs)
Capacity: Each time 18 people
Application: You can apply at store. We include official monkey with submission of application and the receipt of money.

Tree of life aromatherapy travelogue seminar

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