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Cosmetic & relaxation
✧10th anniversary-limited course✧

Namba parks reach the tenth anniversary this spring.
In natural garden Namba parks shop,
Thank for past patronage; period to 2017.3.17 - 2017.5.31,
[10th anniversary-limited course] We hold o♪
[in) tax-included for total care course 100 minutes 360 ml of + enzyme drinks 10,000 yen (! ]
・Whole body massage facial beauty treatment salon
・Aroma oil massage foot care
 From all over no, you can choose menu for *2 for 50 minutes.
"Pure fermented drink" that enzyme drink of domestic vegetables was made from 60 kinds of domestic vegetables and fruit.
How about for beauty and health maintenance?
It becomes advantageous course to the tenth anniversary.
At by all means this opportunity "slightly deluxe time"
Please spend time in natural garden Namba parks shop; is * ゜✧ 
■Natural garden [Namba parks shop]
Namba parks 3F
TEL 06-6648-7102

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