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Fashion goods
Chut! [what we want to recommend to "without a bra group" in # house]

These times,

In where time in house increased

It may be a lot.

When I am in house,

We want to spend time comfortably.



We staff wants to recommend

We introduce << comfortable item >>

"We take off Bra at the very beginning when we go home"

"Without a bra other than going out"

"Whom do you not meet?"

May there be many people who do not put on Bra in this in house?

Although we do not go out

It is a shame that we do not put Bra!


・To prevent descent of bust

・To prevent from streaming down the side, back

・To protect bust from friction


"We put on" and "do not put on" with one and are with one

As for influencing your future line of the body.


Bra with wire is hard to be relaxed



We want to recommend because it is important relaxation thyme

No. 1 item is this!

<< C165 silk cotton series >>


*We use 100% of good silk cotton threads of growth.

 Comfortable comfort Bra with a little feeling of clamping

*Adjuster has shoulderstrap adjustment in anterioris

 Even if back plops itself down in flat state, we are reliable

*As it is with cup,

 It is easy to measure up to bust, and security is plentiful

 It is usable for appearance in peace a little outside to there!


No. 2 recommended item is this!

C198 night brush Leeds



*Series that is hard to slip off with CrossFit structure

 Bra which fits physical movement

*As there are not metal fittings such as adjusters at all

 A feeling of wearing that is comfortable without worry equal to skin!

*As some shoulderstraps are a bit big; as for sense of stability

 Security is a certain series with cup, too!

*It is most suitable for not only time to sleep but also relaxation use


Put on relaxation thyme, comfortable Bra

Do you not spend comfortable 1st?

We look forward to your visit.










Chut! INTIMATES Namba parks shop


2-10-70, Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

3F in parks building

tel 06-6645-1200

open 11:00-21:00

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