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Men's recommended item

All of you, hello!
Thank you for you seeing SHOP NEWS of ラグタグ. 

Person having r card shopping poin double r card VISA holds shopping point 4 times campaign now.

And advantageous campaign to begin at the end of this week when the last blog introduced
You use Namba parks and may be aware of good perception,
We hold Namba parks city card point 10 times campaign!

This time when is near such 10 times campaign
We introduce recommended men's item!







PRADA/ 14.600 yen (tax-included) / size M
It is MOSAIQUE print T-shirt of PRADA.

This T-shirt is item which was particular about D Tyr let alone beauty of color development.

Print which worked of MOSAIQUE can seam shirt fabric together,
As polyurethane enters shirting which we seamed together, shirting expands and contracts in T-shirt original elasticity in total, too.

Furthermore, this item gives piece-dyed processing; as for the triangle logo of symbol of PRADA

Of in this way piece-dyed characteristic is finished.

A certain impact printed pattern is recommended item for the leading role of coordinates.



Martin Margiela 10/ 29.300 yen (tax-included) / size S

It is 14SS jacquard knit of Martin Margiela.

It is one knit of item which marujiera is good at, but this item is item which knit original texture not to be able to start by print processing by knitting print with two kinds of threads can enjoy.

We title collection of marujiera of 14SS "texture to change with time", and humor that regarded by KOLOR which attracted attention as texture to change into marujiera style with time is the first place that there is.

As we use cotton knit, it is the recommended first place in coming season.

How about?
As there are other recommended products a lot,
Look by all means at store.

Visitor to be slightly weak in hue not to be size

[back order service]

Is it hago *chi? Order product from online shop in store
We give service that you can try on.

Of course you try on and can cancel casually when it was different from size and image.


Furthermore, if is our restaurant; not only r card point but also
[parks city reward card] There are the nimo points.


It is advantageous with double!
Please feel free to consult if you like.

Namba parks shop

TEL: 06-6641-5110

We wait for all the staff pleasure.


※You can make Namba parks reward card on the day.

r card point combination is possible. Specifically, please order to the staff.


We see shop information

We see more
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We may transcribe in the price exclusive of tax at store. Specifically, please refer to each store.
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