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PARKS Beauty Fair

Period: 2017/09/01 - 2017/10/09
PARKS Beauty Fair

We hold "PARKS Beauty Fair" supporting beauty of woman♪
During period, we present LINE coupon which is usable at cosmetic & relaxation service store. As for the free lesson of yoga and Bira Thijs ♪ Re-in damage summer in Namba parks; cover, and let's obtain beauty☆

parks beauty fair

beauty&salon news

Advantageous autumn fair course with enzyme drink of domestic vegetables!

"Namba parks shop-limited price 9,000 yen" with one enzyme drink available from five kinds for "whole body massage 60 minutes" of popularity. Heal fatigue in complete private room, and take in enzyme; and from the inside and the outside of body in beauty! ※Combination with coupon and other service menus is impossible. Period until from Friday, September 1 to October 9 Monday (holiday).

By aveda's original menu from the inside of hair in beauty.

Hair salon of brand "aveda" of pioneer of organic hair care & skin care. To hair which protects cuticle while operating by permanent of ingredient derived from plant and "Hori stick menu" using KOLOR item, and is healthy. Care of hair is done, too and, with autumn style change, is advantageous!

Care intensive with machine exclusive for trouble of body.

"Triple barn Z" which autumn recommendation course of "Miss Paris" proud of the results more than 30 years sisters shop operates for cell light and subcutaneous fat, internal organs fat with exclusive machine, and aims at body clearly. Because part hard to please massages with machine by maneuver, we can realize effect early. The details to store inquiry.

For work return and body maintenance of holiday!

Fitness studio "bodies" for exclusive use of woman having training to lifestyle realized. Namba parks-limited course "member to be able to go to between until ... and Saturday and Sunday, celebration from 10:00 to 22:00 at 17:00 on weekdays of night & holiday" is start. Chance that can make beautiful body efficiently at time that we had free! 4,710 yen a month ...

5F bodies

Shop information is this

Treatment regaining hair original brightness is fulfilling.

Salon which realizes each person's "hair to want to become" by thorough counseling and technology, waiting on customers. Including "Kerastase" and "ojjiiotto," popular treatment menu is prepared, and color development and good color rice cake introduce "yl Mina KOLOR" of reputation. At opportunity this as for the person who wants to do damage care for autumn reservation.

5-minute Quick menu which can drop in between work.

We prepare for menu healing body which was tired from technique of all hands and careful waiting on customers. "Eye detox" to approach asthenopia by massage of head and ear while putting on best recommended ha, hot eye mask 540 yen (five minutes). As we can care in a short time, we are glad that we can rush in after lunch.

7F rafine

Shop information is this

Care elaborate in British style reflexology for swelling of foot.

Comfort unexploited unintentionally is British style reflexology salon of reputation. Course 8,640 yen of with oil treatment (15 minutes) calf-length in Powder reflexology (60 minutes) stimulating calf from sole as for the first time by all means. We are refreshed while easing fatigue of the outside and foot which stands, and collected by work.

7F rifure

Shop information is this

We sense relaxation of paradise, Bali of healing bodily.

Healing salon with traditional treatment of Bali. Recommended "cream bus" 7,560 yen (50 minutes) takes dirt of pore while untying scalp with specially made cream which blended fruit and herb and promotes the blood circulation this autumn. Can expect stiff shoulder, improvement and lift up of asthenopia, too; and killing two birds with one stone!

LINE@ coupon present

Cosmetic & relaxation service store-limited

Coupon present email for 500 yen to be usable at cosmetic & relaxation service store reaches when we make friends with LINE @ formula account of Namba parks during beauty fair period!

  • ※We download access application in LINE official site, and it is necessary to make friends with LINE @ formula account of Namba parks
  • ※You exhibit email screen which arrived by 2F information, and please exchange for coupon
  • ※We can use coupon in the use more than 5,000 yen including 1 store 1 account tax
Friend addition method 1
Friend addition method 2

Mail delivery, coupon exchange, period of use:
From Friday, September 1 to October 9 Monday (holiday)

Namba parks X ボディーズ viewing the moon YOGA

Participation for free

It is relief in people who are worried about hardness of body as it is contents which we refresh mind and body in yoga while we look at night sky full of open feeling, and even yoga beginner can enjoy. We hold viewing the moon party after lesson, and we are alone, and let's participate between friends casually.

  • Schedule: Wednesday, September 27
  • Time: From 19:00 to 20:30 (in the reception desk 18:30)
    19:00 - yoga lesson
    20:00 - viewing the moon party
  • Place: 8F parks garden
    (we hold in 7F parks hall in rainy day)
  • Capacity: 50 people

<application method>
Bodies homepage or bodies Namba parks studio

Namba parks X ボディーズ viewing the moon YOGA

As we reached capacity because of favorable reception, we finished acceptance.

Viewing the moon party

Studio lesson free trial in Sports Club NAS

Participation for free

Studio lesson free trial in Sports Club NAS
  • Schedule: Tuesday, September 26
  • Time: For from 11:00 to 12:30 from 15:00 to 16:30 (yoga)
    From 13:00 to 14:30 (Bira Thijs)
  • Capacity: Each 30 times
  • Belonging: Wear, towel
  • ※It is trial lesson for general people (only as for one 1 lesson)

<application, inquiry method>
Sports Club NAS Namba parks
☎At 06-6648-7355 or store.

Price publishing on our homepage becomes indication of price including consumption tax (8% of body price).
We may transcribe in the price exclusive of tax at store. Specifically, please refer to each store.
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