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Sine is advantageous

Period: 2017/01/04 - 2018/12/31

Please bring appreciation ticket which you purchased or stub with Namba parks cinema on the day in the following shop.
We can receive advantageous discount and service in each shop! 

[attention] order, please show to each shop staff at the time of payment by all means.

※For tray, the year-end and New Year holidays, we are excluded on weekdays during some periods.
※Meal is limited to visitor of purchase about privilege at each store.
※With other services cannot use together.
※Time for last order and acceptance is different at each store. Please confirm beforehand.
※About privilege contents, we may be changed.
※Stated value becomes amount of money including consumption tax.
※Service is one-off for one in every day.
※The use of service store becomes visitor priority that had you make a reservation.

  • 2F
  • 3F
  • 4F
  • 5F

  • 6F
  • 7F
  • 8F

Store name Service contents TEL
Bagel and Bagel

[bagel cafe]

10% of eating and drinking price OFF 06-6646-3013
Gelateria circle galley

[Italian gelato]

Cafe menu is discounted by 150 yen
※Gelato order-limited

Store name Service contents TEL
Elmer's green cafe
In the park


10% of eating and drinking price OFF 06-6567-9281
Natural garden
Beauty closing

[relaxation & beauty salon]

Normal menu 10% OFF
If is come to the store pairwise; 15% OFF

[healing salon]

Extension service free for course ten minutes more than 40 minutes 06-6646-0251
Beauty treatment salon dandy house of man

[men aesthetics]

Course 22,000 yen to get sterile
Only the first one gives a service to 5,000 yen
Miss Paris weight-loss center


Course 22,000 yen to get sterile
Only the first one gives a service to 5,000 yen
Shop & salon

[hair salon]

Cut + treatment is 4,500 yen
Cut + KOLOR + treatment is 9,200 yen

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Store name Service contents TEL
Cafe Costa Mesa


10% of eating and drinking price OFF 06-6636-2330
New York New York. CO

[hair salon]

(new state) cut 500 yen OFF
(all visitors) 30% of all Kerastase spas OFF

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Store name Service contents TEL

[tart & cafe]

Cake set 100 yen discount 06-6649-0065
Tully's Coffee

[specialty cafe]

Ice cream topping service
※Drink order-limited
It is ... ta here


We double ... ta point here 06-6644-1715

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Store name Service contents TEL
Great furnace meal tiger fortune

[Japanese dishes]

10% of eating and drinking price OFF 06-6648-6020
KARMA curry & cafe

[Indian curry & cafe]

10% of eating and drinking price OFF 06-6632-0227
Extremity pork cutlet and joy

[pork cutlet dishes]

Glass beer one cup or citron sherbet service 06-6537-7480
Shop of Sendai beef tongue and liquor forest

[beef tongue dishes]

One article of desert service (bean paste rice-cake wrapped in a cherry leaf ice or green tea ice cream or citron sherbet) 06-6641-0167


Pancake service of half size
※One-limited had a meal
Gumbo & oyster bar

[casual dining & oyster bar]

Fried large oyster one piece service 06-6644-3627

[pizza & pasta]

(1)10% of eating and drinking price OFF ※Maximum discount 5,000 yen
(2)1 drink service (one using meal)
(3)Mini-dessert service (one using meal)
(4)Pasta large serving service ※(1)One of ... (4)
kua INAH

[gourmet burger & sandwich]

Cheese topping service 06-6635-1610
Guangdong fried rice restaurant (Guangdong fried rice ten)

[stone-cooked fried rice]

Almond jelly service 06-6634-7309
sai*ki - saijiki -

[natural foods buffet]

Soft drinks bar service
Person of shabu-shabu shabu-shabu


All-you-can-eat 10% OFF
※Service that serves ice cream unlimitedly only at lunchtime
Person of noh dance dining room skewer story

[deep-fried skewers]

Soft drinks bar service 06-6649-0126
1,000 fishing

[conveyor belt sushi]

One cup of a lot of glass draft beer or highball or soft drinks service 06-4396-4181
Venus pasta

[store specializing in homemade pasta]

(lunch) We upgrade each and serve A set at B set price to B set at C set price
(after half past 15) pasta order soft drinks one cup service (remove true dakusan soda)
Hong Kong steaming basket (honkonchonron)

[Chinese tea and snacks, Chinese buffet]

Soft drinks bar for free 06-6635-0882
Person of yasai mei

[vegetables Japanese dishes]

Soft drinks bar service 06-6636-2240
(qipao Mahler tongue)

 [soup spring rain]
Soup spring rain topping one article service 06-6567-8839
Motomachi, Godo doria

[store specializing in doria]

5% of eating and drinking price OFF
Tsukiji dining room source

[seafood dining room]

Soft drinks one cup or glass beer one cup service
Charcoal fire barbecued chicken Mr.Unknown

[barbecued chicken, chicken dishes]

Soft drinks or glass beer or gelato service 06-6575-9400
Moby Dick

[Japanese black beef hamburger steak]

Eating and drinking price 10%OFF
※Payment is exclusively in cash
Tree of apple gold

[original omurice gratin]

Soft drinks service of store designation 06-6636-8255
Hermitage to bear

[side, tempura]

Small draft beer or soft drinks one cup service 06-6632-8280


Ticket & premium game increase time ticket discounted by photo sticker machine 100 yen 06-6634-3151

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Store name Service contents TEL
nikutokokura (kura) 

[yakiniku specialized in Japanese black beef]

"Whole strawberry ice" service 06-6636-1129
Seasonal greens and food in the Kansai style arrangement

[Japanese dishes, food in the Kansai style]

One cup gives a service from coffee or tea or soft drinks 06-6649-0289
Seasonal sum seat uoman


(lunch) or coffee service discounted by eating and drinking price 100 yen
(dinner) one drink service ※Sake, bottle, bottle is excluded

[cafe & diner]

Soft drinks one cup service
※Choice is possible from set drink menu
Oval resonance / ninobarukohi

[dining bar / cafe]

Eating and drinking price 10%OFF
※Course plan is excluded
Bamboo cafe horse mackerel Ann dining bar

[horse mackerel Ann dish]

Soft drinks one cup service 06-6643-5022
Andrew Che

[nail & eyelash salon]

It is usually 10%OFF by menu 06-6537-7688


In one that had you receive courses more than 15 minutes
Face therapy five minutes free service


Basic menu five minutes extension service 06-4394-7208
Lei wedding CONCEIRGE

[bridal consultation counter]

QUO card present
※One-limited that had you make visit reservation after visit

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Store name Service contents TEL

[casual French]

10% of eating and drinking price OFF
※Course plan and beer garden plan are excluded

[cafe & sweets casual dining]

10% of eating and drinking price OFF

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Price publishing on our homepage becomes indication of price including consumption tax (8% of body price).
We may transcribe in the price exclusive of tax at store. Specifically, please refer to each store.
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