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The best recommended! Spring rice

Period: 2018/03/23 - 2018/05/06
Spring rice

Recommended spring menu is introduced by restaurant of Namba parks!
Please enjoy season by menu in spring☆


Piccolo (height of one kind): 550 yen
Grande (height of two kinds): 700 yen ...

Gelato comes up for a limited time in spring of popularity♪
Thick milk gelato and sweet-sour strawberry sauce are excellent at affinity!
It is gelato of strawberry milk with popularity from child to adult.
In other gelato and thing putting together, you can enjoy still more.


Stone kiln fironeremombatachikin 
496 yen
 ※We may finish sale.

We bake chicken so that thickness is felt and mix onion of lemon butter sauce, cutting fine with mashed potato. We perform topping of lemon butter sauce more to finish and individualize acidity and contrast of body.
You can feel taste of sauce in sauce, sauce which you made topping for finish which you mixed in mashed potato and the whole sandwich. Of course it is excellent at affinity with chicken!
Bright color of green and green pepper yellow of asparagus lets you feel the spring arrival.


Egg sand
972 yen

Omelette which we added fresh cream and baked gently,
We did sand with wet homemade bread.
Handmade tartar sauce accentuates,
It is reliable taste kindly.
Please have with salad which is full of color.

THE Original PANCAKE HOUSE American Dining

Dutch baby of strawberry and Mascarpone mousse
1,814 yen

We are holding strawberry fair until April 22
There are other strawberry pancake and strawberry waffle, too!


New jagano kimakare & India style spring vegetable curry 1,598 yen

Vegetable curry is appearance to curry of dinner set in April in March in Indian spring when kimakare and green asparagus, new jaga, broccoli, cailiflower which new jagano entered entered. For two months, we can choose specially made butter chicken from set curry (we do not sell with lunch curry), too.


Yongenton pork roast & prawns and low dining table 1,598 yen (tax-included)
Yongenton pork fillet & prawns and low dining table 1,652 yen (tax-included)

Low dining table comes out this year last year in spring of store specializing in very popular pork cutlets. Gold COMBI of prawns cutlet of muscular texture to have in Yongenton pork with fat with article and soft fleshy substance and home brew tartar sauce.
Rice, miso soup with fishmeat, cabbage of corbicula are free to do another helping. Please appreciate.


Lemon cream pasta with asparagus and prawns
1,328 yen

Asparagus that spring is in season and muscular prawns are voluminous feel manten!
Sauce that sticky fresh pasta and lemon are fragrant till the last refreshingly.
Please appreciate recommended sign of spring pasta of COCONOHA♪
※3/1 - 4/30 limited sale

sai*ki - saijiki−

Spring menu period from March 5 to May 6
Weekdays lunch 1,510 yen
Saturday and Sunday lunch 1,942 yen
Whole day dinner 2,050 yen
Drink station 2, 14 yen

We examined seasonal ingredients closely and offered spring hospitality dishes which could taste ingredients original characteristic.


Shop set meal of forest
1,580 yen

It was soaked in Chinese cabbage and did beef tongue which we baked to Jushi on set menu with Western miso (blue red pepper pickled with miso), stewed beef sinew, wheat rice, grated yam, beef tongue soup.
You can enjoy dinner with liquor as discerning a la carte menu only in store specializing in beef tongue.

cheepao maratan

Mahler tongue
720 yen ...

Soup spring rain which is quite popular in China! Collagen of chicken and pork is plentiful to secret soup.
Most are used for spice more than 30 kinds to use as Chinese medicine in China.
"Medicine food same source" to eat deliciously is concept of cheepao maratan.


Tomato cream pasta with prawns and rucola
1,274 yen

Tomato cream pasta of menu popular in pasta that there is number.
Besides, "carbonara 1,274 yen" and "peperoncino 1,382 yen of seven kinds of vegetables and scallop" using seven kinds of vegetables to hang Parmigiano cheese from Italy at seat are popular.
Please appreciate pizza using real stone kilns more than 300 degrees!

Hakata motsunabe Oyama

Giblet hotpot miso taste
1,501 yen

We blend several kinds of miso including Kyushu miso and Nishikyo miso and are "heavy good flavor" (koyuuma) that increased the female-impersonator specially made hanging giblet hotpot.
We poured all into "it is delicious" of mouthful eyes.


Spring new menu (buffet)
Weekdays lunch
(adult) 1,726 yen, (dwarf) 1,078 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays lunch, weekdays dinner
(adult) 2,050 yen, (dwarf) 1,078 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays dinner
(adult) 2,482 yen, (dwarf) 1,294 yen

・Chili sauce fondue of vegetables
・Ethnic sauce of whitefish
・We get field mustard and funyuwa of bollard
nadonado, various new menus have classic menu. Please appreciate at this opportunity!

Yasaiya Mei

Vegetables shabu-shabu
2,905 yen

Specialty vegetables arriving from farming family every day are free to take in buffet!
Of course not only vegetables but also meat (chicken dumpling, beef, pork) is served unlimitedly.
Vegetables are recommended to person who is apt to be short!
Course contents: Close side dish, vegetables buffet, beef, pork, chicken dumpling, vegetable curry; no Zosui, rice flour noodles


Prime rib
hoteikatto (basic cut of Oval resonance) approximately 450 g 7,290 yen
Daikoku cut (cut to be able to eat without unreasonableness) approximately 300 g 4,860 yen
Ebisu cut (the smallest cut) approximately 150 g 2,430 yen

Spring of appetite! Of that thick-sliced meat to chew well which there is not to ... roast beef with ... thick-sliced judo or wine which is still delicious with lump of meat taste; ...
In fact, prime rib is more popular than roast beef in the United States! As for the low temperature rib meat which we cooked, rich meat juices overflow with oven whenever we chew. We cut meat which we baked as lump every order of customer.


Specialty Taimeshi
One portion 1,080 yen

We are particular about traditional how to cook to convey heat to core of rice slowly, and to draw rice original taste.
 It is tasteful special dish that taste of sea bream which we cooked with secret stock was fully drawn.
 The first cup is the same, and the second cup sprinkles stock, and you will have ochazuke, and please have.


Roasted fatty beef tongue sushi
1,389 yen

We warmed fatty part of origin of tongue quickly.
As there is saltiness, you squeeze sudachi, and please just have.


Pad thai (Thai noodles) of natural scallops and spring vegetables
1,598 yen

Version appears to our restaurant most popular drawing card menu, Yakisoba << pad thai >> of the U.S. noodles in spring for a limited time! We used natural scallops luxuriously and, with high seasonal spring vegetables of nutritive value, finished to pad thai of our restaurant original which we could not eat in others.
Though serve in friends; excellent; though do, and monopolize; excellent; do, and please appreciate at this opportunity. You can have pad thai of felt our restaurant of taste feeling nostalgic for slightly regardless of any people regardless of age or sex deliciously.


Daring lump meat steak from US
2,138 yen

French chef bakes lump steak from US using high-quality butter from France carefully.
We would appreciate your charging power with taste of red meat which there is the volume and did well.
Sauce chooses from pepper sauce "of lemon in" Seto, "soy sauce onion", "truffle sauce" and three kinds, too♪
We have adding abundantly.


Shop information is this


Spring bright green pancake
1,080 yen

It is spring-limited pancake with full of Mascarpone of gentle sweetness in slightly bitter Matcha.
Matcha sauce pleases a feeling of Matcha till the last.
Spring warmth may be felt by having you have spring cerise pancake which started at the same time together.

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We may transcribe in the price exclusive of tax at store. For more details, please refer to each store.
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