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INFORMATION/ business hours
Shopping  From 11:00 to 21:00 
※We remove some stores
From 11:00 to 23:00 
Garden  From 10:00 to 24:00 
Basement parking area  From 7:00 to 23:30 
Three-dimensional parking lot  9:00 ... 0:30, the following day 
We do business this month without taking a rest.
Access by train
Access by car
Guidance of parking, bicycle parking lot
Access by train

1. Nankai Railway Corporation
  "Namba Station" Central Exit, south exit direct connection

5. Hanshin Namba Line
  It is approximately 9 minutes on foot from "Osaka-Namba Station" east wicket

2. Subway Midosuji Line
  It is approximately 7 minutes on foot from "Namba Station" south south wicket (for exclusive use of exit)

6. Kintetsu Namba Line (Nara Line)
  It is approximately 9 minutes on foot from "Osaka-Namba Station" east wicket

3. Subway Sennichimae Line
  It is approximately 8 minutes on foot from "Namba Station" east wicket

7. JR Kansai Main Line (Yamato line)
  It is approximately 11 minutes on foot from the "JR-Namba Station" (OCAT) north exit

  ※From JR Kansai Main Line (Yamato line) and JR Osaka Loop Line, we change to Nankai Railway Corporation at "Shin-Imamiya Station", and the use of Nankai "Namba Station" is convenient.

4. Subway Yotsubashi Line
  It is approximately 9 minutes on foot from "Namba Station" south wicket

Access by train

Access from around Osaka

●From Kansai Airport

・Nankai Railway Corporation: Kansai-Airport Station → Namba Station Central Exit south exit connection limited express Rapi:t approximately 34-39 share

・JR Kansai Airport Line: Kansai-Airport Station (limited express spring) → Tennoji approximately 30 minutes → Transfer JR Yamato line → JR-Namba Station approximately 6-7 share

・Airport bus: Kansai Airport → OCAT/JR Namba approximately 50 minutes

●From Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)

・Airport bus: Osaka Airport → OCAT/JR Nanba line Namba getting off approximately 30 minutes

・Osaka monorail: Osaka-Airport Station → Hotarugaike Station approximately three minutes
 Hankyu Corporation transfer: Hotarugaike Station → Umeda Station approximately 15 minutes → Subway Midosuji Line Namba Station approximately eight minutes

●From Shin-Osaka Station

・Subway Midosuji Line: Shin-Osaka Station → Namba Station approximately 15 minutes

We display standard time (in the daytime) in the time required. We do not include at transfer, wait time.
※When we use ... pay limited express

Price publishing on our homepage becomes indication of price including consumption tax (8% of body price).
We may transcribe in the price exclusive of tax at store. For more details, please refer to each store.
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