About NAMBA PARKSAbout Namba parks

"From Namba, next of the downtown area"

We create this


Buy, eat, work, play, learn and live.

Now that how to spend cities is various and changed close, the way of different city space is demanded until now.


Person, city and nature. Standard of city deriving the next times is created by letting each does not become independent, and function fuse. MADE IN PARKS. New wind of city begins with Namba parks from Minami.

To man and woman of adult playing in city to live in in city

"Namba "NEXT" standard life"

We suggest


Lifestyle that let Namba parks arrived, and element which was something extra such as "ko" "play" "ken" "beauty" "intellect" "*" fuse as for - it of sea bream in "batter, meal, house."

This is new standard "Namba "NEXT" standard life" of city life that Namba parks suggest.


Lifestyle that we can realize is right here simply because it is Namba park where "commercial facilities" and "environment" creating urban time attractively gathered.


From an everyday time to relax in "forest of the downtown area", we watch movie, and, until pleasure of small fault daily life in search of discerning item and delicious thing, luxury only by parks gives urban daily life color and moisture. Stage - it which is green which trendy group and individuality group and one's own pace group can fill with own arm of a river is Namba park.

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